Despite the current surge in the construction of housing environments in the Kingdom, the quest for affordable housing remains elusive for a large segment of Saudi Society.


Descent, affordable housing is emerging as a critical issue toward the economic well being of the Kingdom. Demands for such housing continue to far outstrip supply and those projects that are currently build suffer from sever cost constraints, while lacking important quality is that relate to the people and cultural aspirations.


From time to time, every business executive, professional practitioner, or property investor is confronted with a residential real result.

The market demand for innovatively designed affordable housing, sustainable buildings and better building standards at affordable cost has created a challenge for all industry players. 

At SHADA HOMES Builders we have positioned ourselves to meet these challenges which are directly to market needs. We have human talent to assist our clients in meeting the challenges ahead in this emerging real estate market. We are addressing.


For the past two decades, SHADA HOMES Builders has aimed to enhance the quality of life in every community it serves while offer a complete solution to industry users that encompass all the stages of the development process with greater cost effective- ness, faster completion time and quality. We pride ourselves on responsiveness, creativity, client advocacy, and unfailing. 

Rising The Challenge