Shada Builder's has accommodated the critical issue of affordable housing currently being faced in the Kingdom. Our strategy is aimed at providing advanced technologh at every stage of the real estate process. We are working aggressively to position the company as a major competitor for total real estate solutions with the latest construction technology and design and innovation the world has to offer.


Equally important is our unparalleled project management pratices that set the path for investors, real estate developers, larger and small, to meet thier goals, faster, more cost effectively, more efficiently and with higher quality results whether embarking on a major capital project or developing small scale developments. Shada's expertise helps tighten time lines and reduce investment risk through laser-focused planning and disciplined execution, We introduced new concepts in project management that achieves investores' objectives of good returns.


Shada primarily foucs on affordable and mid-income residential housing development properties in a select number of target markets, including all regions of Saudi Arabia and the MENA region in general. Our aim  is to provide strategic investores with the necessary tools to facilitate direct investment in affordable and mid income residential housing development which represents the largest real estate market and the greatest challenge.

Shada Builders' design-build approach teams architects, engineers, and construction professionals to devise the best space solution for investors. Ours is a collaborative approach that allows us to customize projects to meet investors' needs on time and on budget. Our approach provides a single-source solution, taking total responsibility for aspect of a building project, from concept through final occupancy. Decisions are made in real time, working with clients from the very beginning, simultanceously offering the highest standard of investor relations and customer service.


The design- build approach allows us to effectively use "fast-tracking" to compress construction schedules, which generally reduces the entire design and construction process by 15-25 % of the time required for traditional building methods. We are able to offer clients a guaranteed maximum price in the schematic design phase, rather than in the final contract documents phase. This collaborative approach assures that the design and construction of our clients' buildings are completed on time and within budget - through a single source.​

Home Builders



less uncertainty 

No unpleasant surprises. Nothing is un-programmed and unexpected. You as an investor are literally in the picture. Enter your password and watch your project develop from the comfort of your home or office.


less cost per built unit

Adopting the methodologies of international home-builders for qualifying subcontractors and reducing their number to sit the exact requirements of projects eliminates uncalled for  profit margins.


less time to complete

Applying our unique system, Shada Bena'a, assures smooth and timely logistics for your project. Every stage is well programmed and controlles. No unnecessary blunders and costly work delays.